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    1. Welcome to Yuyao Osa Machinery Factory!
        Tel: +86-13738699137(24 hours)

      ABOUT US

      ? ABOUT US

           Osage Machinery has been focusing on capping equipment for more than a decade and has been committed to research and development. Ossa people will continue to adhere to the work style of excellence to provide the market with practical solutions from raw materials to finished products.

           The company's main business Capping machine, cold cover machine, slitting machine, folding machine, drop machine With the capping equipment, the company is based on the people-oriented principle, based on the basic principles of the company (taking talent as the foundation and skill as the respect).

           To contribute to China's realization of Industry 4.0, to contribute to China's intelligent intellectual development, thank you for your initial understanding of the company, Osage Machinery is looking forward to your visit to the company.







      Add:No. 79, Zhenxing Road, Yuyao Xiaotang Development Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

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